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Save Laguna Canyon


To preserve and protect the 22,000-acre South Coast Wilderness area and other threatened open space by presenting forums to discuss relevant issues and organize support for desired improvements

The original

"Save the Canyon" organization. 

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On October 4th, David Raber, Co-founder of Laguna Residents First was our Guest Speaker. 

David Raber, Co-founder of Laguna Residents First discussed the proposed ballot initiative that would require a vote of the people be held to approve or deny certain large major developments within the city limits near Laguna Canyon Road and the Coast Highway.

The City Attorney has determined its title as “An Ordinance Creating an Overlay Zoning District and Requiring Voter Approval of Major Development Projects”. Detailed information is online at Please read the content of the initiative to learn more about it, there is much misinformation being spread.

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On May 3rd Lisa Bartlett, Orange County Supervisor was our guest speaker at Laguna Canyon Conservancy.

May 3, 2021 our program featured Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett as she presented a program which will covered County issues including COVID-19 as well as environmental issues such as OC Parks management of the wilderness parks, the genetic health of the wildlife and the animal corridor, and Caltrans projects. Re-elected in June 2018, Lisa Bartlett represents the Fabulous Fifth District representing more.

Supervisor Lisa Bartlett and County Flag

On April 5th Norm Grossman, Laguna Greenbelt President, was our guest speaker at Laguna Canyon Conservancy.

Laguna Greenbelt President Norm Grossman presented a brief history of the Laguna Greenbelt, reviewed our  current issues, and particularly the need to improve the Wildlife Corridor, and address future projects. 


The Laguna Greenbelt was founded by Jim Dilley in 1968 and is a grassroots organization significantly responsible for saving the 22,000 acre coastal wilderness open space. There is a critical need to improve the wildlife corridor connecting the Santa Ana mountains to the coastal wilderness that will allow species to improve their genetic health.


On March 1st, 2021, John Pietig was our guest speaker in possibly his last public event before his retirement. 

Mr. Pietig has been the City Manager of Laguna Beach for 10 years and served as the Assistant City Manager for the prior 10 years. He also worked for the cities of Alhambra and Riverside in cumulating more than 31 years’ experience in local government. Mr. Pietig holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Washington State University.


On February 1st Hallie Jones, Executive Director of the Laguna Canyon Foundation spoke to Laguna Canyon Conservancy!

BIOGRAPHY of HALLIE JONES: Hallie was born and raised in Laguna Canyon. After a brief stint in Washington DC, she relocated to Los Angeles and spent almost fifteen years working in marine conservation for Heal the Bay. In 2013, she returned to her roots when she joined Laguna Canyon Foundation as Executive Director. Hallie has a background in marketing and creative writing. She lives in Laguna with her two children, who enjoy camping, hiking and being outdoors just as much as she does.


On Monday, January 11th our Laguna Beach's Newly Elected City Councilman George Weiss spoke to Laguna Canyon Conservancy!

BIOGRAPHY of GEORGE WEISS: A native of Chicago, George Weiss graduated from Loyola University at Chicago. George moved to California in 1981 to work for ATT. Arriving Laguna Beach in 2005 he served as the Chairperson of the Laguna Beach Film Society and in 2016 on the Housing and Human Services Committee as a Member and Chairperson. “Until recently I felt that participating in local government was a fool’s game. It seemed almost impossible to change how government works. I was wrong. Long-term persistent effort is the only way to make government responsive to residents and allow residents to have their voices heard."

Virtual Meeting with Gayle Waite introduction...
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