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CALTRANS to address the high number of sideswipe and re-end type of accidents in Laguna Canyon.

Updated: Aug 08, 2019



The California Department of Transportation, District 12, proposes to address the high number of sideswipes and rear-end type of accidents due to hazardous weaving conditions at the intersection of Canyon Acres Drive and SR-133 (Laguna Canyon Road) in Laguna Beach.

Project Description: This is a revised project. All work is within the State right-of-way and entirely within the existing pavement area. The existing roadway striping will be revised to: extend the existing second northbound thru lane north of Canyon Acres Drive; add pavement markings; add four additional signs; replace existing eight-inch signal heads with 12-inch three-section signal heads; upgrade pedestrian signal heads to LED signals.

This project lies within the coastal zone and was exempted from the permit requirements of the city’s LCP and the California Coastal Act on May 22, 2019. City staff determined that the Coastal Development Permit is NOT necessary because the proposed development is an improvement to an existing public works facility that is considered to be a repair or maintenance activity not resulting in an addition to or enlargement or expansion of the object of such activities and does not involve any risk of substantial adverse environmental impact. (Laguna Beach Municipal Code Chapter 25.07.008 (Coastal Development. Permits, Exemptions); California Public Resources Code Section 30610(d).)

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Gabriela Duran, Associate Environmental Planner at 657-328-6157 or via email at

Laguna Canyon Creek Improvement Plans


Updated: Aug 8, 2018


The Laguna Greenbelt, Inc. has won acceptance for a plan to include: planting trees, removing invasive plants that choke the watercourse, improving the appearance of fencing and channel walls, and introducing trails that follow the creek through the canyon. LCC fully supports the plan and it’s elements to improve the Jim Dilley staging area.

Laguna Canyon Road Widening & Utility Undergrounding


Updated: Oct 3, 2018


While the thoughts of utility poles falling down across the 133 Canyon Road, thus blocking 1st responder services is scary, the financial schemes to finance the undergrounding is alarming too. As could be expected not everyone is in agreement, but the real showing of agreement will be more visible on a bond measure passing in November.

Save Aliso Creek - Proposal of Army CORPS of Engineers


Updated: Aug 8, 2018


Typical of CORPS standards for controlling natural water streams, suggesting too much concrete and expanding the site far larger than warranted, the proposed budget appears to have bombed. All the local environmental groups united with the County and everyone questioned the massive size of plans and it’s lack of regard for the natural resources.

OC Parks Strategic Plan - 10 Year


Updated: Aug 8, 2018

The larger umbrella of operations and policies that direct the management of Laguna Canyon Wilderness Park and Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park is located in Irvine at the former Irvine Ranch Headquarters, now Orange County Parks (OC Parks).

In January 2017, OC Parks contracted with KH Consulting Group to facilitate the update of the 2007 OC Parks Strategic Plan. With the help and input of both internal and external stakeholders, OC Parks has identified eight strategic priorities that support our vision, mission, and the voice of our customers. The DRAFT 2018 OC Parks Strategic Plan is a high-level document that will guide OC Parks’ decisions for the next 10 years. You will NOT see specific projects identified in the plan. Instead, you will find strategic goals, objectives, and initiatives that will guide OC Parks in planning, decision making, and developing the annual Strategic Financial Plan and budget.

The draft 2018 OC Parks Strategic Plan is now available for review and comment.

Laguna Canyon Road Widening by Caltrans


Updated: Nov 14, 2018


The CALTRANS open house at the High School was a large disappointment to most everyone and their proposed ‘improvements’ lacked creativity. Several good suggestions were received and explored in the local media to actually re-route certain traffic flows and eliminate the need for a light at El Toro Road, thus improving flow and safety.

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