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Communications and community reports regarding the current issues that concern our organization. 

Sawdust Native Habitat Pollinator Project

Judy Haron poster for Sawdust Native Habitat Pollinator Project


The Sawdust Festival has partnered with Laguna Canyon Conservancy, Laguna Greenbelt Inc, Laguna Beach Garden Club, CANDO (Canyon Alliance of Neighborhoods Defense Organization) and Laguna Canyon Foundation in creating a habitat for pollinators by using native plants.

A space within the Sawdust grounds was set aside and work has begun by the Laguna Canyon Foundation in collaboration with the Sawdust. The Native Habitat Pollinator Project will make its debut at the 2023 Summer’s Sawdust Festival.

The five community groups involved all share the desire to preserve the diverse habitat in our community and educate the public. It’s vital that we come together to find a balance between our community and the delicate habitat that surrounds us.

Native Pollinator Plant Guide
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