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The Laguna Canyon Conservancy is an all-volunteer group dedicated to monitoring the issues that could have an effect on the wilderness parks and open space connected to Laguna Canyon.  We select the most informed speakers and provide a forum for learning about the best alternatives that face preservation efforts.




LCC is important to park users and residents of Laguna Beach for determining the optimal choices in preservation and protection of our surrounding open spaces which improves our environment, community health, and surrounding beauty in what would have been an urbanized landscape.  If all of the 22,000 acres of preserved open space were included in Laguna Beach city limits it would be nearly 85% of the total area.

  • Vegetation to promote clean air and water

  • Diverse habitats where wildlife can thrive

  • Improved property values – important to taxpayers whose dollars help make the parks possible




Laguna Canyon Road - by Tom Brown

Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park h
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