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Lida Lenney


A retired school teacher who became an activist for open space preservation on the Laguna Beach City Council.  Lida was the Founder of LCC which became the ‘street voice’ of the opposition to proposed development in Laguna Canyon and was the motivating force behind The Walk in Laguna Canyon in 1989.

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The Book

Click the image to the left to view an early 1988 publication that tells a short story of the "Save the Canyon" effort and all that was at risk, and ultimately saved by a group of concerned individuals.


Lida Lenney & Jon Brand


When the Title to the property was ceremoniously given to the City by the Irvine Company represented then by Carol Hoffman, Lida was there to receive with Jon Brand.

Carolyn Wood


The City of Laguna Beach named the highest point in Laguna Beach the Carolyn Wood Knoll in recognition of all her work and contributions to our community including Saving Laguna Canyon.  In addition to the above, Carolyn was on the Board of the Laguna Canyon Foundation, and Friends of Harbors, Beaches, and Parks, and the Top of the World Neighborhood Association.  She represented the Fifth Supervisorial District on the Orange County Transportation Authority’s Citizens Advisory Committee, and has served the City of Laguna Beach as member and as Chair of the Open Space Committee, and the Parking, Traffic & Circulation Committee.


Carolyn was President of LCC at the time The WALK had been proposed and was a driving force in organizing more resources with the energy of the City to support the WALK.

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The Walk


On November 11, 1989, approximately 8,000 people marched in the canyon from the Festival of Arts Grounds to The Tell (approximately where the Toll Road crosses Laguna Canyon Road) which astounded everyone involved and then brought the Irvine Company back to the negotiating table on humbled knees.


The News

Click the image above for to view an article published in the Los Angele's Times regarding the march of 20,000 concerned citizens to save Laguna Canyon!

Executive Summary of "The Walk"

Gene Felder has a fantastic summary for everyone to enjoy. 

Click the link below for a PDF summary of "The Walk"...

Gene Felder, Past President


Gene has been the legs and action man working with Carolyn for 27 years for LCC, a major player in the Historical Society and all matters environmental in Laguna Beach.

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