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CALTRANS to address the high number of sideswipe and re-end type of accidents in Laguna Canyon.


The California Department of Transportation, District 12, proposes to address the high number of sideswipes and rear-end type of accidents due to hazardous weaving conditions at the intersection of Canyon Acres Drive and SR-133 (Laguna Canyon Road) in Laguna Beach.

Project Description: This is a revised project. All work is within the State right-of-way and entirely within the existing pavement area. The existing roadway striping will be revised to: extend the existing second northbound thru lane north of Canyon Acres Drive; add pavement markings; add four additional signs; replace existing eight-inch signal heads with 12-inch three-section signal heads; upgrade pedestrian signal heads to LED signals.

This project lies within the coastal zone and was exempted from the permit requirements of the city’s LCP and the California Coastal Act on May 22, 2019. City staff determined that the Coastal Development Permit is NOT necessary because the proposed development is an improvement to an existing public works facility that is considered to be a repair or maintenance activity not resulting in an addition to or enlargement or expansion of the object of such activities and does not involve any risk of substantial adverse environmental impact. (Laguna Beach Municipal Code Chapter 25.07.008 (Coastal Development. Permits, Exemptions); California Public Resources Code Section 30610(d).)

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Gabriela Duran, Associate Environmental Planner at 657-328-6157 or via email at

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